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To begin with, let us congratulate you on the most wonderful and anticipated event!

If you visited us, it means that the day has come when you decided to be a family and organize the day you dreamed of.


We know that you have many questions and will find answers to them on our website. Here you will learn not only about our work but also about what a stylish modern wedding looks like. We will share with you the little secrets and subtleties of organizing family celebrations. And, of course, how to create your happiest day till the smallest details!

Organizing a wedding for us is a wonderful journey together with you, which brings joy and satisfaction. And we take on all the difficulties!


We are Evgenia and Angy, your friends and partners. Swiss agency with Italian style and charm.


We have weddings in Italy and Switzerland. Our team includes the best specialists and proven, reliable contractors.

We take care of our work, you will receive a checklist and ideas on how to spend the best of your time here, you will receive support for the whole holiday, even planning your and your guests' trip in general, advice on local entertainment, museums, and scenic locations. We provide transfer services, catering, decoration, and organization of photo shoots and leisure activities.


Entrust us the professional organization of your special holiday and let's share these happy days of your life!


What does working with us
look like?


Customer's inquiry

The future Customer describes his initial idea and constraints



Before the planning phase begins, the Customer and Dream Day share, discuss, and sign a standardized contract. 

It only covers cooperation between the "Dream Day"  and the Customer. 


High-level proposal

Our experts process and match the initial details with the approximate total budget. 

A mood board presentation and an approximate budget breakdown are shared with the Customer.


Venue selection

We propose a few appropriate and available venues with the possibility of a preliminary tour.

We book the venue well in advance and before any other services.


Moodboard and design

We create a mood board to visualize the wedding style, including the primary color palette and 

design the spot based on Customer's vision, including the following:

  • general zoning

  • guest sitting arrangements

  • decoration

  • sound planning

  • proper lighting design

  • entertainment



Wedding timeline

We plan and review an exact wedding timeline with the Customer and make any adjustments.


Contractor selection


We find the best contractors, such as: 

  • catering

  • decoration

  • florists

  • video & photography

  • music

  • travel assistance and transfer

  • accommodation

  • anything else based on the Customer's wishes

With most vendors, we can arrange a demonstration or tasting menu.

We ensure that all the services are negotiated and booked in advance while meticulously managing the detailed timelines and total budget caps.

Wedding coordination

Our team arrives at the venue well in advance. It meets all the contractors and briefs with all the necessary details.

Our onsite coordinators handle any issues that arise promptly and discreetly.

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